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Mike Wright host of the perfumed garden

I am Michael Wright,the creator and presenter of The Perfumed Garden radio show, on Perfumed Radio. I created the show in the fall of 2010. I am solely responsible for the show’s music I play what the heck I like. I host the show which broadcasts online 24hrs a day every day. It’s a labour of love being able to share the music I love with an ever growing global audience.

I take great care and time producing every edition of the Perfumed Garden show and receive great assistance from my partner in Nashville Jeff Byrd. Jeff gave me the opportunity to make my shows. Without his wonderful and diligent technical help assistance, belief, and commitment, The Perfumed Garden show would not have happened.  

I am from Blackpool in the UK, I live in Vancouver Canada at this time, I record all the Perfumed Garden shows in Vancouver and currently broadcast the shows online from Vancouver Canada.

In the UK I produced approx 100 live gigs, most of which I MC’d, I have also booked band gigs, managed a rock band, and attended literally hundreds of concerts going back a number of years... The Perfumed Garden is my show presenting alternative music from 5 decades.

Why The Perfumed Garden Show?


It’s safe to say we all love music. In the early 1990s a few large media conglomerates basically ate up small and medium radio stations. Once that was achieved music radio was basically consolidated into a handful of very large media companies. As a result, FM radio as we used to know disappeared. Today most FM radio is piped-in playlists from some central server controlled by one of the media giants, ditto AM radio. As a consequence of this media play, radio personalities we knew and loved and in some case grew up with, have all gone. Wherever we go we hear the same playlist of music ‘product’ on both FM and AM radio. Today’s generation have never experienced radio as it was. We are literally spoon fed the music the Industry is marketing. No controversial lyrics, no ‘protest’ songs, it’s all tepid middle of the road(MOR) ‘music product’ filling the airwaves.

I like to listen to music on radio, or online with a real human presenter, I don’t want continuous mixes or piped-in playlists. In fall 2010 I was given the opportunity to make my own show, I named it The Perfumed Garden after the 1st show created by UK legend John Peel in 1967. To date I have recorded over 500 2hr editions. Real music from the 60s thru today, a real presenter, tracks heard nowhere else, be the judge.

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