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Essentials features what for me are some essential albums. Think of it as my desert island discs. Music I just have to have.

Iron Butterfly > Metamorphosis

Iron Butterfly > Metamorphosis 1970

This album is an overlooked masterpiece. Iron Butterfly transcended themselves on this one. Nobody gives them, or it, credit, but this album rocks. I played in a garage band in 1975 (Wishing Well) and we covered "New Day". I still mess with that riff to this day...< amazon review.

I saw them play this live..one of the best nights of my life!.> mw

Love > Forever Changes

Love > Forever Changes 1968

The third and final album by the original Love lineup, FOREVER CHANGES regularly draws epic praise. Rolling Stone described it as elegant armageddon when listing it as #40 in the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time, and, placing it in the context of the late 60s in another rave review, called it, one of the most distinctive masterpieces in that era of masterpieces.

The Pretty Things > The Pretty Things 1965

considered "one of the greatest R&B bands of all time" by Van Morrison; characterized as "always making the Stones look tame" by David Gilmour and the band for the "real rebel" by Gary Brooker.

One of the greatest UK blues debut albums.

The band that terrorised the parents of England.

The Pretty Things

Barefoot Jerry > Southern Comfort1971 & Barefoot Jerry 1972 Growing up in Sixties Madison, Tennessee, Barefoot Jerry was a stone gas, a breath of fresh air in a Nashville sea of mediocrity. These first 2 LPs are just packed with creativity! Masterful arrangements, covering nearly all genres of pop, rock, country, jazz etc. Mac Gayden, where are you? Still sounds fresh, has aged incredibly well. Highly recommended < Amazon

Barefoot Jerry