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The original Perfumed Garden Show was created by the late great John Peel when he worked for a pirate radio station called Radio London. Growing up in the UK and beginning my record collection I found myself liking the more unconventional tunes I heard occasionally/rarely on what constituted pop radio at that time mainly Radio Luxemburg  208. I recall that station had a weekly new releases show and that was the show where tunes were played as new releases, many doomed never to make the charts or to get played on pop radio. Occasionally  one or two tunes would  get my attention. When I first came across The Perfumed Garden Show hosted by John Peel it was a revelation... I felt simpatico. someone else out there liked the same kind of music as me..it was wonderful!

I named my own radio show The Perfumed Garden in recognition of the original show’s impact on my early musical journey. Like John Peel I play and share the music I love and that is the criteria the show’s track play list.

I got the opportunity to host my own radio show I had no hesitation naming my show The Perfumed Garden., recognizing the original show and it’s impact in my life and also as a nod/tribute to the wonderful legagy of John Peel. It is fitting that I include some information about my musical mentor of sorts John Peel on my site... please read...

John Peel host of the original perfumed garden show

John Peel

A brief outline about the original Perfumed Garden show... This info is culled from the BBC...

1967: "I had been working on radio in America since 1961. I came back here in '67 and was by and large unemployable at the time. I hadn't anything to come home to. Just luck really, being in the right place at the right time: music lovers might argue the wrong place at the wrong time."

The Britain John returned to when he flew back from the States was a far cry from the one he'd left behind seven years ago. John may have been hanging out with The Doors in LA and enjoying the 'summer of love' in San Francisco, but Britain was also undergoing a mad metamorphosis, and the swinging Sixties were well and truly raging. The Beatles were hanging out with hippies and the Rolling Stones were telling people to "get off their cloud". Radio broadcasters had to admit that "the times, they were a changin". The days of stuffy BBC presenters with cut glass accents and double-barrelled surnames were numbered. Despite the cultural revolution going on, the BBC found it tough to move with the times. The relatively new rock 'n' roll phenomenon meant that kids just wanted to hear more and more records. But the state-run BBC had to continue to play more>>
The controversial book the Perfumed Garden,Arab erotica chosen as the name of John Peel's 1st radio show in the UK in 1967

The Perfumed Garden - for the Repose of the Mind is a classic work of Arab erotica offering a uniquely entertaining collection of tales, frank and sound advice on sexual relations, and a poetic style of great literary merit. This is a book which delights in the humorous possibilities of sexual expression, and treats these in an urbane style reminiscent of Chaucer and Boccaccio


image of Radio London, the orignal Pirate Radio station

Radio London, also known as Big L ,was an offshore commercial station that operated from 23 December 1964 to 14 August 1967, from a ship anchored in the North Sea, 3.5 miles off  Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, England. The station, like other offshore radio operators, was dubbed a pirate radio station.