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Reviews Listener reviews and comments of the The Perfumed Garden shows on Perfumed Radio.

“Mike Wright of the Perfumed Garden radio show is highlighting Terranomaly. Listen to this show if you want to know the most amazing trivia about rock bands, rock shows, and rock history”


“ppl bewildered how it sounds so good”


“Yes I've been listening for daaaaays, It's brilliant, I have enjoyed it, Gary Numan, UB40 (I've still got mine somewhere) Leftfield, Liquid Lounge, Emperor's New Clothes, Fur and Gold, Smoke Down etc. some oldies and some newies, you've got the goodies. I've been stuck on the laptop doing templates and you've been relieving the mind numbingly boring job, I even surprised myself and broke out into a little bop in the chair :-D”


“2013 - we will have gone beyond technology as we know it. [b] - we will have gone beyond time and money. [c] - we will have entered the fifth dimension after passing through the fourth dimension [d] - Planet Earth and the Solar System will come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe. [e] ET and humans will share a bowel whilst listening to the Perfumed Garden show


“'Tis a Knockout Show Mike Keep Spinnin' Those Virtual Discs Dude!!!! :-)”


“Good tunes so far Michael.... the stream is totally loud and clear.... awesome!”




“FREE ME!!!! Instantly one of my new faves.... keep em coming hon... doing a great job so far... I'm listening!”


"... great show to kick back, forget about the world's goings on and light a fatty too..."


“Britain is doing very badly. I'm so glad there’s people like all of you speaking out about things and playing radio like I remember as a kid. John(John Peel) would be proud of his namesake.”


Eva in Budapest Hungary says it's "multidimensional music" you play ... opens up chakras


“Love your voice Michael. :-) Great show so far.”


guy from Manchester in UK said "it kicks ass in my opinion"


Discovered it today. Great project, excellent alternative to the Sunday's broadcast of Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show. Wish you " permanence!"